Which TV Wall Mount Offers the Best Solution?

The modern flat-panel television set is slim and light-weight, which makes them ideal to be mounted on the wall. There are definite advantages to mounting your TV on the wall rather than on a TV unit on the floor. Perhaps there isn't enough floor space for a TV cabinet or maybe you just prefer the aesthetics of having a wall-mounted television.
A correctly positioned wall-mounted TV enables you to enjoy optimal viewing due to the height of the screen being tailored to the position of the viewer in the room. Mounting your television screen on a wall provides a safe and space-efficient installation while providing the ultimate viewing comfort.
Once you have decided to wall mount your TV, there are a few mounting solutions to consider to achieve that space-saving, home entertainment system. Options for TV wall- mounts range from a basic fixed-mount configuration through to full motion mounts giving the viewer almost unlimited flexibility in positioning the TV screen. Will you want to adjust the set to cater to viewing from different parts of the room? Will you need the TV screen angled for optimum viewing? Or is fixed and flat against the wall your preferred choice? It will depend on what viewing criteria are most important to you which type of wall- mount will be the most suitable. You can choose from fixed (or flush-mount), tilt action, and even full motion mounts that are able to rotate. The price will vary according to the
complexity of the wall bracket you choose.

Fixed mounts, also called flat or flush-mounts, are the simplest option and come in at the best price. These brackets position the TV screen closer to the wall than other types of mounts and doesn’t move. This is an optimal choice where the viewer sits directly in front of the TV when it has been positioned at the ideal height. This option has no angle adjustment and it sits flush against the wall, giving an unobtrusive, stylish look. On the other hand, you may prefer a tilt-mounted TV wall bracket. It provides vertical angle adjustment options and can be positioned above the optimum viewing height and tilted to the desired angle to compensate. The TV screen will stand a little further out from the wall to accommodate the tilt mechanism. Advantages of this option include the
ability to adjust your screen angle to reduce glare and help counteract reflections from windows or lights.

Possibly the most versatile option for wall-mounting your TV is to choose a full-motion mount or articulating TV wall bracket. These brackets include side to side swivel adjustment as well as up/down angled tilting. This wall mount option certainly provides maximum versatility with retract, tilt, swivel mechanisms ensuring limitless freedom of movement. This works well when the TV screen is mounted in a corner of the room and can be adjusted to the optimal viewing angle. The full motion wall bracket provides a smart solution for achieving the best viewing experience regardless of where the viewer is positioned in the room.

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