Bio Dustin Hufnal

“Don’t let technology drive you up a tree!”

Hello My name is Dustin Hufnal with what is now known as Squirrel Squad. I want to take a moment to share with you a little about my journey. I am a native to the Charlotte area, growing up in West Charlotte. I got my passion for computer technology and networking from my father. My father started an internet company in 1998 and I would help him by answering support calls and other tasks. I got a small taste of customer service and even experienced being called “Ma’am” over the phone. 10 years later or so I noticed an exploding need for computer repair and support that the industry wasn’t capitalizing on; it was difficult to find support but technology was growing so fast. In 2009 I started Hufnal Computers- which was only the beginning of my journey as a business owner. I pursued this avenue for about 3 years and yes, I even scrubbed some toilets along the way to make ends meet. I spent most of my time working in customers homes and offices. Due to the ever-increasing demand for support and love for providing these needed services to customers, I decided it was time for a change. I wanted to stand out from others and draw more attention to my great work.

How would I do that I asked myself? The next year would be the year I would come up with a solution. One Saturday we were working on doing a yard sale for missions. My brother and I were walking to our church and the pastor greeted us by saying “here comes the two squirrels walking up the hill!” It was at that time I became little squirrel and my older brother was called big squirrel. He does not go by squirrel but I still do to this very day. Embracing the new nickname, and many days with technology driving me and my customers crazy, I eventually decided that I wanted to stand out from the crowd and name my company Squirrel Squad and designated the slogan “don’t let computers drive you up a tree”. It just made sense. Having something that I could stand out from the crowd is what I wanted.

As I progressed in my career in technology, I identified quickly that it wasn’t just computers that were driving customers up a tree, it was various other technologies like televisions, doorbells, Wi-Fi and so much more. Wanting to meet my customers demands, we add those services to our offerings.

At the end of the day, everything Squirrel Squad does is for the customers. I love what I do, I love being able to offer solutions to those who aren’t so inclined to manage their technology needs or simply do not have the time to. I did not go to college, or have a fancy degree I simply love this field so much that I learned everything I know by trial and error and self-teaching. It is so nice to wake up every day and WANT to go to work. Thank you to my father and my customers over the years, I am able to continue to do so.