Concealing Your Devices

As one of the best Charlotte, NC home theater companies, Squirrel Squad has dealt with home theaters of all shapes and sizes and one common request we receive is to help our customers hide speakers and other entertainment equipment. Everyone wants booming, crystal-clear surround sound and razor-sharp visuals, but no one wants to see a clunky black box obscuring their family portrait or a huge subwoofer where the coffee table should be.

When it comes to hiding home theater equipment, Squirrel Squad engineers are practically ninjas. Everything will sound the way it should, but those speakers and wires will be rendered invisible. Some customers demand to know how we do it, but a good magician never reveals his secrets.

Consistent Quality | Effective Concealment | Ingenious Solutions

Many home theater installation companies struggle to strike a balance between concealment and quality, but not Squirrel Squad. In our opinion, it’s absolutely no use hiding your subwoofer behind a bookcase if that’s going to make the booming bass soft and muffled. Likewise, if you have to stretch your wires to breaking point to run them under the carpet, that’s not effective concealment at all. We place equal emphasis on functionality and aesthetics, so if a concealment method would compromise audio quality or adversely affect your home entertainment experience in some other way, we’ll find another way.Our ingenuity in problem-solving has earned us a reputation as the top Charlotte, NC home theater specialists. We always strive to incorporate your existing furniture into our blueprint when hiding home theater equipment. We’ve installed picture frame TVs for clients with gorgeous wall paintings and constructed projector screens that dramatically descend from spacious rafters into the living room. If you’ve racked your brain for ways to hide speakers and come up with zilch, relax – leave it to us and we’ll come up with a way to make it work.

Client Satisfaction

Squirrel Squad believes that the secret to our success is our stellar customer service. Building a top-drawer home entertainment system requires close cooperation between AV engineer and client. We’re only too happy to listen to your feedback, because we treat you as our partner as well as our customer. This is vital when it comes to hiding home theater equipment as this may require some furniture to be rearranged or new gadgets to be purchased – you’ll want a say in these important decisions!

When we’re done with your home theater, you’ll be able to walk into your living room, turn on the TV and listen to a glorious crescendo of sound that rises out seemingly from nowhere. No more ugly black boxes or hazardous wires – just home entertainment that’s clean, sleek and fuss-free, just the way it should be. Call us and get your FREE QUOTE right now!