Stop tripping over wires simply because you don’t have a Wi-Fi service installed. Let Squirrel Squad take care of all your networking requirements, whether it be for your computers, tablets, home theater setup, or even a Smart TV or fridge.

We specialize in the following services when it comes to all things networking:

  • Computer network
  • Home Network
  • New Wi-Fi
  • Extended Wi-Fi signal
  • Home security camera installation
  • Home audio systems installation
  • Concealed wiring
  • Network support
  • And more…
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If you are running a lot of gadgets on your home Wi-Fi, you may need our techs to setup an extended Wi-Fi signal to get better range and coverage, as well as accommodate all your devices.

We even offer a complete Wi-Fi and networking support service, where we can troubleshoot and resolve all networking and signal issues to get you up and going again in no time.

Don’t put up with poor Wi-Fi signals or network issues a moment longer. Call us today on 704-561-1437.