Whole Home Audio

​ You’re listening to your favorite Led Zeppelin song on the radio. You get peckish and decide to pop into the kitchen for a quick snack. As you walk to the kitchen, the music gets fainter and fainter…and you emerge from the kitchen only to find out that you missed the awesome guitar solo. Sound familiar? With Squirrel Squad’s whole house audio services, however, you can firmly put memories of these annoying incidents behind you.

Music That Follows You Wherever You Go

What is whole house audio? Well, it’s a revolutionary new technologyenabling you to control and listen to audio playback throughout your house. These systems vary greatly in complexity, from the basic single source, single zone system ideal for your home theater room to a multi source, multi room music system capable of playing your favorite hits in your kitchen, bathroom and living room all at the same time!With Squirrel Squad’s help, you can install a whole house system, with speakers running through your walls or ceilings, that you can operate with a swipe of your smartphone or a tap on your tablet.

Reliable | Intuitive | Flexible

If there’s one thing Squirrel Squad is known for, it’s our commitment to quality. We pride ourselves on our meticulous approach to home entertainment services. That’s why you can be assured of reliable signal distribution and consistently high audio quality across your entire home. Moreover, our work is built to last. You won’t have to call up our engineers every fortnight to come in and meddle with your wires. We get your whole house system right the first time.

We also believe any successful multi room music system must be intuitively designed for ease of use. After all, whole house audio is supposed to make your life easier. If you have to navigate your way through a bewildering series of phone apps to get your system working, your multi room audio system is more trouble than it’s worth. We use the industry’s most advanced technology to create an audio network that’s so easy to operate, it’s practically foolproof.

Finally, Squirrel Squad believes that as homeowner, you should always have the final say on your home entertainment options. If you only want audio playback in two rooms, we’ll make it happen – but we’ll ensure you have the option to integrate more rooms later, in case you change your mind. If you want your TV or soundbar incorporated into the whole house system, we’ll do our utmost to realize that. That’s why we offer FREE QUOTES to give you a birds-eye view of the project, allowing you to plan and budget accurately.

Whole house audio is the future of home entertainment. Will you join us in spearheading this tech revolution?